Awesome Humans: Everyone Involved in Chase The Chill

awesome-humans-scarves[Image credit: Chase the Chill Winnipeg]

It’s happening again this year.

As the weather gets colder, particularly in snowy Canada, groups organize clothing and coat drives for the homeless. Not everyone in need is able to take advantage of these efforts, of course. So small, local knitting groups go rogue—and start leaving scarves around the city with “I AM NOT LOST!” tags on them. The idea is that anyone in need can grab a warm scarf and maybe find some comfort in both the item and the thoughtful intention to help out a stranger, no strings attached.

You can read a great round-up of the various Chase The Chill efforts over on Yahoo! News Canada, but it looks like the movement began in Pennsylvania in 2010, and new groups continue to spring up all over the U.S. and Canada. Wherever there is winter, and kind-hearted knitters, you just might find this “yarn-bombing with a cause.”

And that’s awesome.

Awesome Humans: Angel Magnussen And Hugginz

Science shows us that those who feel grateful and more prone to what’s call “pro-social behavior.” In a nutshell; when you feel grateful, you feel compelled to do good for others. We think Angel Magnussen must experience a boatload of gratitude, because just take a look at what this enterprising 18-year-old has done:

Hugginz by Angel exists solely to make sure sick kids are wrapped up in warmth and love. How many 18-year-olds do you know who would make this their mission in life?

I’m grateful to TELUS’ We Give Where We Live program for shining a light on incredible young adults like Angel who are doing wonderful things for others, and grateful to Angel for being such an amazing philanthropist. (You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook if you want to keep up on her work.)

Gratitude is good for us, and good for those around us. Now that’s awesome.

Happier Hearts: Pamper Your Pooch

Here at Happier, we feel strongly about our furry friends. That was great news for me, because my children love to tell me I like the dogs better than I like them. (I plead the 5th.) (But seriously, the dogs never roll their eyes at me.) If you love your dogs as much as we love ours, today’s Happier Hearts is for you!

Have a dog who feels obligated to perform emergency squeakerectomies and complete defluffings on every toy you try? The only toys in our house that have withstood two hyper chewers are from Dura Doggie, and every purchase means some money donated to a designated charity, too. We give these five paws up (and then one of the dogs falls over, probably.)

Because dogs want to be all-natural hippies, too
I love all things Burt’s Bees, already (it’s a love affair that started years ago with their apricot baby oil when my oldest was an infant), but I was thrilled to discover they have a line of products just for dogs. My dogs have sensitive skin and finicky ears, and while I’m sure all of the options are lovely, the peppermint witch hazel ear cleaner does a good job and seems to make sensitive ears a little happier.

No more choking on walks
I know, I know; a properly-trained dog will not pull on a leash. My dogs are maybe a little spoiled, plus they’re small, so their leash manners aren’t always the best because… ummm… I’m a terrible doggie mommy. But! With the Yuppie Puppy Anti-Pull Mesh Harness I no longer worry about my over-eager walker choking herself, and the harness slips over her head and adjusts with a single slider. The mesh keeps ’em cool, and the sherpa fabric on the straps means no chafing. I love this harness.

Tell me about your pampered pooch? I love hearing about other folks’ canine babies!