“826 Napkins Will Never Be Enough”


…wrote Garth Callaghan to his daughter, Emma. Callaghan has cancer (again) and is racing to write enough napkin notes — over 800 — to put into her lunches until she graduates from high school (which will likely be after he’s gone). Napkin Notes: Make Lunch Meaningful, Life Will Follow is the book, and soon there will even be a movie to inspire us to make the most out of every single precious day we have.


Watch this and maybe you’ll be moved to write a napkin note to someone you love.

Happier Challenge: There’s Always A Reason To Smile

happier-challenge-smile-092914Can you look at a smiling baby and not smile, yourself? Most of us can’t. Children smile way more often than adults, and there’s ample research showing that smiling is beneficial for our health, mood, and ability to connect with others. Smiling is just plain good for us, but as adults we tend to squelch our natural smiling instincts. That’s why this week’s challenge is…

Find a reason to smile. Just flexing those muscles tells your brain to be happier.

Of course, I will seize any excuse to share cool stuff that makes me smile, so here’s some inspiration for you this week:

Have a fabulous, smile-filled week! (And don’t forget to share your happy moments in the Happier community while you do.)

Happier Challenge: Find Beauty

happier-challenge-beauty-082514Gooooooood Monday morning! The last days of summer are upon us, and it’s a perfect time for this week’s challenge. Ready? Here you go:

Look for something beautiful outside today and pause to appreciate it.

It doesn’t have to be anything super big or significant; in fact, we know that small happy things bring us more lasting joy than the bigger stuff, so go with whatever strikes you. In fact, this is a perfect challenge to try every single day this week. Why not? The world is filled with beauty!

Need some inspiration to help your week along and get you excited for the challenge? Ask (or don’t; I’m psychic!) and ye shall receive:

  • Speaking of seeing beautiful things, did you know there may soon be an app to help you plan your happiest walk vs. the quickest one? Fast is nice, but happy is better!
  • If you love beaches (or, really, even if you don’t), check out these fantastic photos of unusual beaches in nearly every color. Yep, there’s an orange one.
  • This little video may be a plug for Caitlin Freeman’s pastry cookbook, but seeing her modern-art desserts is truly a thing of beauty. Mondrian cake! It’s almost too beautiful to eat, I think.

Get out there and enjoy your week and all of the beautiful things you see around you! And don’t forget to come share about it on Happier, too. We love to hear about what’s making you happier!