Proof that LEGO is always happier

Sure, the Oscar nominations came out, and fans of The LEGO Movie were horrified to see it didn’t garner a nod from the committee. Everyone involved with the film could’ve sunk into despair over the slight, but—demonstrating once and for all that LEGO can make everything better—one of the movie’s directors remained undaunted.

This tweet from Philip Lord is the very embodiment of everything LEGO is about (and how one can always be happier if they’re willing to reframe):


(I’m calling it: The Oscar for best attitude goes to Philip Lord.)

“4-7-8” = Falling-Asleep Math


What if there were a simple, all-natural, non-pharmaceutical way to help you fall asleep — or fall back asleep? Unlike the New Math that none of us are smart enough to do, this sleep technique named with a sequence of numbers — 4-7-8 Breath — is simple: breathe in for 4 seconds; hold that breath for 7 seconds; then exhale that breath for 8 seconds. Taking in that extra oxygen and getting rid of the carbon dioxide slows your heart down and quickly calms your body. It’s just a fancy way of saying mindful breathing, but if you’re already confused, let Dr. Andrew Weil demonstrate how to do it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 3.20.07 PM

(H/T Alina Gonzalez, Bydie)

Because tiny hamsters eating anything wins the internet

You know that thing they do in Hollywood to describe The Next Best Thing: “Terminator” meets “Tootsie” meets “Die Hard 20?” Well, Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos, the first in a new web series of tiny hamsters eating various kinds of tiny food, is Marcel The Shell meets Stuart Little meets Top Chef. Get ready to binge-watch what could morph into “The Real Hamsters of New York.”

(Extra joy for GIF lovers: //


(H/T and HelloDenizen)

Sometimes Big Trouble Makes You Happy

Whether you’re a parent or not, I think we can all identify with the quandary of a Big Bad Thing Which Is Actually Sort Of Hilarious In Spite Of It All. Which is why watching this dad interview his two paint-covered kids makes me laugh, every time.

It’s all in how you view it, I guess! You can get mad or just succumb to the hilarity. (The latter is definitely more fun.)