Nothing says “buzz-kill” like “30-day juice cleanse”


Nothing says “buzz-kill” like “30-day juice cleanse.” But feeling all jazzed about getting started on a long-overdue health-kick doesn’t have to be an exercise in deprivation — or futility. Instead of detoxing for a month (or a day) (or an hour) with some kind of crazy juice-tea-broth regimen, cleanse your brain of unrealistic impossible health goals that have failure written all over them and replace them with these three painless ways to detox.

Oh, Kale Yeah!

Not to get all judgy, but if all you can say about kale is “It’s bitter,” then you’re doing it wrong. Everyone knows that kale has incredible nutritional value, but what’s remained a mystery is how to make it taste good enough to eat more than once a year. A little known fact is that kale actually tastes better the longer it sits tossed in dressing because the acid in the dressing neutralizes the bitterness of the kale. So make a giant kale salad, but leave it in the fridge for 24 hours before you eat it. Your delayed-kale-gratification will be worth it because once it’s had time to think about what it’s done wrong, it’ll taste like a whole new vegetable. Serve it as a side with your dinner for as many days as it lasts. Bring it for lunch (and impress your co-workers). Add it to ice cream and spoon it onto two cookies for a healthy “ice-cream kale-wich.” (Just kidding on that last one!)

Oh, Kale Yeah! Salad:

  • ⅓ cup olive oil
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1½ tbsp dijon mustard
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • fresh cracked pepper to taste
  • lots of kale (stems removed)

Mix up the dressing in a blender, pour it over your kale, then wait a day! After 24 hours, add your favorite toppings for additional awesomeness. Some favorites? Dried cherries, Granny Smith apples, and a touch of blue cheese. It fancies up your kale and seriously pumps up the deliciousness factor.

Breathe in, Breath out

You’re already doing this, we know. But are you really breathing? Like, the kind of breathing that fills every cubic centimeter of your being? Taking a few super-deep cleansing breaths throughout your day is like taking a mini-vacation and recharging your molecular makeup. Picture your breath filling you up from your toes to your head; then slowly exhale and let it all go. Do this on your commute, at your desk, while you’re running errands. Your oxygen-starved cells will thank you by helping you feel more energized, refreshed, and ready for that to-do list that never gets any shorter.

The little things

A beautiful, organized home is nice, but who has time for perfection? Instead, fixing a few small things (they can be really, really small) to make your home feel less “ugh” and more “ahh” can make all the difference. Vow to fill a bud vase with one fresh flower every week. Swap a new photo in your favorite picture frame every month. Clean out that kitchen junk drawer already. Having just one element in every room that fills you with calm and happiness, even for a second, will make your house less zoo, more zen.

Cooked Something, Ever? A Happier Giveaway!


This past week we #happierchallenge’d you to cook with your family and not dine out for an entire week. Turns out cooking and eating together is a great way to be more, well, together, and hopefully a bit happier (and healthier!) too.

How did it go? Specifically: we’d love to see some of your favorite recipes, whether you made them this week or not. We’re in the midst of a top secret project and we can’t divulge the details yet, but we assure you it’s awesome.

We want recipes of all sorts. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, linner (ok that’s not really a thing, but we think it should be). You name it, we want it. Send us a link to your favorite or snap a photo of that recipe card that’s been passed down through generations. Got so many great recipes you can’t choose? That’s fine, too. You can send us as many as you’re willing to share.

Send recipes to or just tweet, pin, Facebook or ‘gram your favorites with #happierrecipe.

If your recipe is chosen we’ll send you something fun and exciting (and, of course, happier)!

In the meantime, I’ll just be waiting by my inbox, salivating.

Fave Family Moments

This week we’re talking a lot about family and how strong familial connections make us, well, happier! If you missed it, definitely check out our family dinner challenge. Tiny little everyday moments with your family can be great ones when you take a moment to pause and notice them.

Here are a just a few of our favorite family moments this week.

Happy moments with family

Where there are moms, can food be far behind? We think not and that’s one of the (many) reasons why we love them! 🙂


The best interior design tips come from those that know us best.


Double duty: family dinner time plus a heart-pumping walk. This has happiness boost written all over it.

IMG_4804Helping others is proven to make us happier, too, and this is just beyond. [Insert tears here.]

Got some family moments to share? Post them in the Happier app! (Did you know we’re on iOS, Android and the web?) That’s right — no excuses, we want to see ’em.

Here’s to lots of happy family moments ahead!

We moved! Welcome to Happier HQ v2.0

As the Happier community has grown by leaps and bounds, so has the Happier team. And our really stunning and spectacular office space just could not contain our awesomeness any more. Never being the kind of crew to shy away from an adventure, we embarked on a quest to find the perfect place to call home, Happier HQ v2.0 if you will. And last week we packed up our stuff (including 14 different giraffes and too many memories to count), put it all in a moving truck (ok, not the memories – those travel in our hearts) and moved about 0.5 miles across Boston to our new, happier home.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.57.57 PMIt was no Oregon Trail, but our trek was no less harrowing and included two full truck loads of Happier stuff, one broken elevator due to overheating, and one team lunch (consumed on the floor with no chairs, plates or utensils). 

We are stoked to set up our new office, but more than that, we are most excited that this will be our first opportunity to truly create a space, that’s uniquely ours, together as a team. We’ll be retaining some of the elements that made the original Happier HQ “home”, but we’ll be creating new traditions, memories and of course happy moments along the way.

photo (37)Most of our bubble wrap was used to ensure that Petunia enjoyed a smooth, cross town ride to her new digs.

We’re not ready for the big reveal just yet, but we cannot wait to show you the new Happier HQ. We’ll be taking you on a grand tour when we’ve got it all set up in a way that makes us happierest. And for the foreseeable future you can find us at:

Happier HQ v2.0
123 South Street
5th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Sent us a letter, we’d love to hear from you! But if efficiency is your game you can always reach us at



Movin’ on up with Get Your Move On

Get Your Move On

You guys spoke. We listened. Our newest course in the Happier arsenal is a direct result of your feedback. Meet Get Your Move On. After the launch of resounding success Meditation Vacation, there was one piece of feedback we received time and time again:  more courses with Dave!

So Dave and Happier are together again to bring you Get Your Move On. This course combines walking and meditation, two habits which have been scientifically proven to help you be healthier and happier when practiced regularly. Each day of the course focuses on a theme that makes life more awesome. Gratitude, random acts of kindness and breaking out of your routine are just a few of the topics you’ll enjoy along this 7-day journey.  Each  day includes stories, real-life applications and mantras to bring these themes to life.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.16.41 PM


We are beyond excited to share Get Your Move On with you all. While we may be somewhat biased, we think you’re going to LOVE it.  And as always, thanks for your awesome feedback on Everyday Grateful, Meditation Vacation and Yoga to Go.  Based on your feedback our team is learning and creating more exciting courses and content in the months ahead!  We cannot wait to hear your thoughts on our latest Happier creation. Enjoy!


Got Chaos? Send it to Happier.

The Happier team is working hard to bring you lots more Happier courses. But even superheroes (does it count if we’re self proclaimed super heroes?) need a little help from their friends. That’s you! And this is where you come in.

Oh awesome Happiers, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to show us your haphazard, most clutter-tastic, disorganized spaces. Yep, you heard that right. All Architectural Digest-ready spaces need not apply. And by all means, don’t clean up on account of us. The messier the better.

Send video or photos of your untidy spots to by May 14th.

Here are some ideas (potentially, we’re not judging) of disorganized spaces to get you started:

  • Refrigerator
  • Trunk of your car
  • Bathroom
  • Junk Drawer
  • Entryway
  • Nightstand
  • Desk
  • Kitchen

Grab your iPhone, shoot some home video (or take some photos) of your most chaotic areas, and if we use your footage or photos in our upcoming Organization Transformation course, you and a friend will get lifetime access to the course for free! Oh, and we’ll help you finally get those, umm… inefficient spots tidied up for you which should definitely make you happier.

Send your best err… worst to by May 14th to be considered.

Meditation Vacation Twitter Contest


We are beyond excited to kick off Meditation Vacation with the amazing Dave Romanelli on March 15th. So, this week we’re celebrating with a Twitter giveaway!

Whether you’ve never tried (or even thought of trying) meditation, or you’re a seasoned pro you are gonna want in on this.

The rules are simple:

  1. Follow @happier
  2. Every morning at 8am (eastern) look for the #MeditationVacation question of the day
  3. RT and answer
  4. We’ll choose a winner at 5pm (eastern)

What will you win? Great question! It’s a two-day contest (one day was just not enough).

Thursday  – complimentary registration for #MeditationVacation
Friday – complimentary registration for #MeditationVacation for you AND a friend

All entrants will receive the eternal gratitude of the entire Happier team for being so freakin’ awesome.