Awesome Humans: Kellie Haddock And The Thank You Project

We talk a lot here at Happier about what it means to really practice gratitude. How do we focus on the good without becoming weighed down or bitter about the not-so-good? How and when is it appropriate to turn gratitude into action in a meaningful way?

Kellie Haddock lost her husband in a terrible accident ten years ago. The staff at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, however, were able to save her infant son (who was also in the accident)… and years later, she decided it was important to let the men and women who took care of her critically injured baby know exactly how grateful she was.

(Grab a tissue for this one. It’s worth it, but your mascara may not be safe.)

That’s gratitude. That’s choosing to be happier and spread that happiness around. That’s grace.

Read more about Kellie on her site, where you can also get a free download of her song, To Say Thank You, between now and Christmas.

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