Awesome Humans: Carlos Perez Naval, Wildlife Wunderkind

awesome-humans-carlospereznaval-111214Awwww, look. It’s a cute kid with a camera. That’s nice, right? Actually, it’s way more awesome than just “nice”—Carlos Perez Naval is just nine years old, and a couple of weeks ago, he was named the Natural History Museum of London’s 2014 Grand Title Wildlife Photographer of the Year (for the youth division). This means he beat out an entire field of competitors from around the world, many of them nearly twice his age.

See more of Carlos’ work on his site, or read more about him here. Sure, he’s lucky enough to be the child of regular travelers, but peruse some of his amazing pictures and you’ll see that he has an extraordinary eye and passion for capturing the wonder around him.

I bet this young man can always find something to make himself (and others) smile. Can you imagine what his work might look like by the time he’s an adult? Mind-blowing.

One thought on “Awesome Humans: Carlos Perez Naval, Wildlife Wunderkind

  1. Whoa! I thought he was related to you and you just shared a picture of him holding your camera. Thank you for sharing the story. Always a pleasure to see photos from talented people.

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