Happier Hearts: I’m Grateful For…

We try to put together a unifying theme for these “Happier Hearts” posts, because that way they sort of make sense. Like… here’s some stuff for your desk, or here’s our favorite treats… things like that.

Today I sat down and I was having kind of a crummy day. (Okay, truth time: I was having a really bad day.) So I employed one of those little tricks I’ve learned since being here at Happier—quick, come up with one thing to be grateful for right now. That led to another, and another, and before I knew it, I didn’t feel so cranky anymore, because I was laughing at myself for the eclectic range of items which strike me as greatly enhancing my experience on this planet. We humans are ridiculous, after all. And I may be more ridiculous than most. But this week, I’m grateful for…

happier-hearts-nailgooey-110613Nails Alive Gooey Base Coat. Yes, really. Understand that I am not a nails person, not really, and also part of my love probably stems from the fact that I’m pretty sure this stuff has existed for decades and they haven’t changed the label since its invention, either. (Doesn’t it look like it should be sitting on the shelf at the drug store right next to an industrial-sized can of hairspray?) This stuff, however silly-looking, is magic. It really does make your polish adhere better and last longer. I don’t know how or why, but it does.

I almost never paint my fingernails, but I do try to keep my feet looking decent throughout the summer, and in spite of the fact that I make most klutzes look coordinated, ever since I started using Gooey a few years back, my pedicure simply does not chip, no matter how many things I trip on or run into. Magic, I tell you.

happier-hearts-vitamelts-110814NatureMade VitaMelts Sleep. This isn’t anything super-high-tech, I suppose; it’s 3mg melatonin tablets, but they really do melt in your mouth and they taste like minty chocolate. Our family is full of insomniacs and we do keep the melatonin industry going. [Please note: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the Internet. Even herbal supplements have an impact on your health, so consult your own doctor before trying anything new.] I appreciate living in a world where melatonin is readily available and affordable, and I really appreciate living in a world where that nighttime sleep aid is tasty. Because sometimes shallow is deeper than me.

happier-hearts-stickies-110814Lastly, I’m grateful for ridiculous sticky notes from Knock Knock. They make great stocking stuffers (pertinent info at this time of year, right?) and they’re funny, but the gratitude comes from the fact that they’re sneaky. My teenagers sometimes write things on them they’d never say. The kids think I’m giving them a funny gift; I know I’m giving them a communication line that they might not otherwise have. (If you have teens, you understand.)

Quick: what random products around you are you grateful for right now?

One thought on “Happier Hearts: I’m Grateful For…

  1. Let’s see, there’s a little sparkly red & silver mirror that I use to finish my makeup when I get to the office super-early on days like today…. my delicious coffee (Sugar Cookie flavored!)…. and having a good, sharp pencil. 🙂

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