Mindful Break: The Growing Economy Of Attention

5qALxShe is the world’s first professional cuddler. That’s right. You can pay her to wrap her arms and legs around you and feel some lovin’.

This is an example of what is the soon-to-be booming Economy of Attention.

Nobody pays attention anymore. We lack the capacity, time, and ability.

And that’s why the surest way to enhance your earning power and stature in our world of attention deficit is by giving the gift of your time and energy: People will pay for it.

If cuddling is not your thing, you can become a Pro Tickler and just as it sounds, tickle people for $$$$$.

Just imagine.

Your clients arrive. They sit in the Tickle Chair. You put on your furry hat, prepare your Tickle Fingers and…

… hey, laughter heals!

Or if you are a more conservative type, how about becoming a Pro Listener, where you just sit and listen.

No degree required.

At the end, instead of prescribing drugs, you prescribe a very personal music playlist.

Now tell me that wouldn’t be more awesome than Clozapine.

And if you are a bit “edgier,” Pro Scratching could be HUGE.

You scratch backs, feet, arms… with a soothing dose of Metallica on the speakers to set the tone.


Here’s a thought to consider this Holiday Season…

… what if instead of paying with credit card or cash… you started paying with attention?

Anyone can buy you dinner, but how rare are the people in your life who ask how are you really doing, who hug you with their whole heart, who give you the gift of their whole presence?

To solve our problems, to heal our bodies, to bring peace to our lives and families… more than than anything else, we need each other.

Today, can you take 10 seconds to give the gift of undivided attention?  And if you really want to do something crazy, make it 30 seconds. And if you want to absolutely blow someone’s mind, give them 1 interrupted minute of your attention. That’s 60 long seconds….

That’s some serious time.

As a wise one said, “Being rich is a measurement of how much money you have. Being wealthy is a measurement of how much time you have.”

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