Happier Hearts: Some Bling For BFFs

I may be a grown woman now—no longer desperate to claim a single pal as my very best friend forever—but those interlocking broken-heart-pendant necklaces declaring bestie-status to the world were something I coveted as a tween and teen. Was it the jewelry itself? Probably not; they all looked the same, anyway, and even looked kind of dumb on their own. But I wanted a bestie, and a token to match.

So these aren’t necessarily for me, but I do love the plethora of BFF jewelry available, now, and the fact that you needn’t wear the same half-a-heart everyone else has if you and your best bud want matching bling.

Perfect For The Whole Gang
Not expensive, not even a little sappy, and perfect for up to six kids (hey, adults too, if that’s how you roll) to wear together: the pizza slice friendship necklace! Totally adorable, and who doesn’t love eating pizza with their besties??

Did you and your bestie meet at a science fair? Do you enjoy diagramming molecules together? Are you just delightfully nerdy? Then perhaps these DNA base pair necklaces will tickle both your scientific and best-friend fancy.

Elegant Enough For Grown-Ups
If music is your unifying, I love the idea of music note pendant necklaces, because while they still interlock, they’re interesting (and, some might argue, whole) on their own, too.

(Whether you wear your gratitude to your friends or not, those awesome folks in our lives who make us smile are invaluable and worth celebrating.)

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