Awesome Humans: Doris Redding And Charlotte Crane, 90-Year BFFs

awesome-humans-102914I’m not going to lie; this story both inspired me and made me a little bit jealous. I can’t even think of anyone I’ve been friends with since preschool, and the friends I see on any sort of regular basis nowadays are exclusively folks I’m met in adulthood. Can you relate to this pair?

94-year-old Charlotte Crane and Doris Redding from Missouri have been friends for—no exaggeration—90 years. They met as kids (they lived down the street from one another), stayed in touch through college, then worked together until retirement. Nowadays they reside in an assisted living/hospice facility together, still friends as they’ve always been. While we wouldn’t attempt to quantify the value-add of a longtime friend for anyone, the story about these women points out that because Crane now suffers from dementia, this friendship is an even more special gift in many ways.

In November, Redding will be 95. Crane will blow out the same number of candles the next month.

[Redding’s daughter] Deubel speculated her mother and her lifelong friend might see a century together.

“The doctor told mom once, ‘You might live to be 100 if you keep going like this,’” Deubel said. “You know, I think that might be true.”

“Friends forever” can be a lot more true than we thought. We tip our hats to this, a most awesome friendship. Rock on, ladies!

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