Happier Challenge: Be Contagious

happier-challenge-friends-oct14Good Monday morning! Are you ready for another fabulous themed week here at Happier? Last week we challenged you to focus on your family, and this week we’ll shift focus just a little bit. Did you know that happiness has been proven contagious through social networks? It’s true! Check this out:

[R]esearchers found that when an individual becomes happy, a friend living within a mile experiences a 25 percent increased chance of becoming happy. A co-resident spouse experiences an 8 percent increased chance, siblings living within one mile have a 14 percent increased chance, and for next door neighbors, 34 percent.

And that brings us to this week’s theme—connecting with friends—starting with our challenge:

Reach out to at least one friend every day this week, and share some small happiness with them.

Be creative—make plans to get together (that’d be enough to make me happy), or share a small piece of good news, or just text ’em to say you’re happy they’re in your life. Experiment! You’ll never regret reaching out to a buddy.

Need some more inspiration to get you going? Here you go:

  • Need a little bit of bolstering to start reaching out? Check out Lifeboat, “a movement of people rediscovering deep friendships.” They make us happier.
  • Far be it from me to miss an opportunity to insert a video of kids and puppies. Sometimes our best friends have paws!
  • Need a shortcut to reaching out, and also appreciate some cutting humor? There’s a Someecards for that.

Go forth and pass your happiness around to the folks you appreciate this week—you’ll all be happier!

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