New In The Happier App This Week!

There’s a newer version of the Happier App coming your way. Hooray! We’ve made just a couple of small changes, and we hope it’ll be easier for you to find the next best course for you (which, in turn, leads to you being happier)!

happier-update-course-categories-102214When you login to Happier on iOS, we’ll help guide you to a course that’s right for you. Simply choose an area that you’d like to focus on (your screen will look like the image here), and from there, we’ll recommend a course that meets your needs. If you’re already taking a course, you won’t see any major changes.

We’ve made a couple of other small tweaks you might notice, too:

  • When there’s a new feature, we’ll tell you a bit more about it right in the app. (We think that cuts down on those unpleasant, “Whoa! Where did that come from??” moments!)
  • The Daily Challenge is back! It will now always be visible in your Friends feed in Community.

Please let us know what you think! We’re always working to make Happier a better experience, and we hope you find these changes helpful. Email us at with your feedback. We’ll continue to update the blog with new changes that are coming your way — so check back!

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