Happier Hearts: Pumpkin Spice Latte Alternatives

Here we are, smack-dab in the middle of October pumpkin spice season, and that means that absolutely everything is pumpkin-flavored. While the occasional fancy pumpkin spice latte is fine—more power to you if it’s what you love—I get a little concerned when everything’s turning up pumpkin, because some of it is better than others. Don’t waste the calories (or consume a ton of chemicals) if you’re just looking for a sweet autumnal treat; you can get orangeliciousness (that’s totally a word, meaning orange deliciousness) in plenty of other ways.

If you need your PSL fix…
happier-hearts-PSL-101614If nothing less than a hot, pumpkin-y coffee will do, try making your own at home—this recipe from The Kitchn is simple, delicious, and uses real pumpkin puree. You can make half a dozen at home for the cost of one at that place that rhymes with… ummm… Farmucks.

If you prefer it cold…
happier-hearts-pump-icecream-101614Is there ever a wrong season for ice cream? No; no, there is not. If you must have pumpkin, may I suggest these two fine dairy confections? You can’t go wrong with Turkey Hill’s pumpkin pie ice cream or my boyfriends, Ben & Jerry, and their pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. (Well, I guess you can if you can’t eat gluten, in which case you can join me in having this Edy’s Pumpkin Patch ice cream, instead. But I would much rather have the pumpkin cheesecake if I could.)

Happy Cookieween!
happier-hearts-TJs-101614Yes, I absolutely bake my own from-scratch cookies for my kids—featuring pumpkin—as often as I have the time. And I also grab seasonal Joe Joe’s (Trader Joe’s answer to the ubiquitous sandwich cookie) whenever I see them in TJ’s. The pumpkin flavor ones are a nice alternative to a vanilla cookie, and the jack-o-lantern ones are the regular flavor, but with orange filling to make them more festive. These are always a hit in lunch bags, no matter how old my kids get.

Go forth and indulge in pumpkin flavor, and let me know if there’s a pumpkin-flavored something wonderful I’m missing.

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