Happier Challenge: Move To Find Your Groove

happier-challenge-101314Goooood morning! Maybe you’ve got the day off (happy Columbus Day!) or maybe you don’t, but either way, Monday means the start of a new week and a new chance to be healthier and happier. I did a ton of walking this weekend—the weather was perfect, and a week of too much time at my desk left me craving some fresh air—and even though I know how good it is for me, I’m always amazed at how much better I feel, afterward. It was so awesome, I hope you’ll experience something similar for this week’s challenge. Ready?

Get your heart pumping for 20 minutes.

(I guess you could just do that once, this week, but consider yourself challenged to do it every day this week. Odds are excellent that it will make you happier!)

Need some inspiration to get you going? I’m on it!

Have a fabulous, heart-pumping week! And don’t forget to come share about it in the Happier community!

One thought on “Happier Challenge: Move To Find Your Groove

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