Happier Hearts: Enjoy Your Tunes

Is there any better way to pick up a blah day than with some favorite music? We say no—in fact, it’s rare you’ll find Happier HQ without a soundtrack going. Music can be great happier fuel, so whether or not you’re given to spontaneous dance parties, enjoy it!

Here’s just a few ideas for enhancing your music experience, if you’re looking for some ideas.

Trust him, he’s a monkey
happier-hearts-julius-speaker-100914Whether you like a bit of whimsy, yourself, or you have a teen or tween who’s been agitating for an MP3 speaker dock, you could do a lot worse than this Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine Speaker. Did we go for it because it’s a monkey? Yes. Yes, we did.

But! The sound is surprisingly crisp for an affordable dock, so if don’t want to get a real stereo system but need a sound boost, he’s worth it. Also: monkey.


Perfect for your walk, run, hike, whatever
happier-hearts-armpocket-100914Call me Goldilocks if you must (you wouldn’t be the first one…), but I’ve been through an embarrassing number of armbands for my iPhone. One was too tight, the next, too prone to slipping down. One held my phone but then I still had to stick my keys in my pocket (if I had one) or somehow attach the keyring in a way that invariably jangled while I walked.

It was a problem, until I finally read some reviews rather than making my buying choices based on “that looks good.” Behold the Armpocket Aero i10: lightweight, comfortable, water resistant, and yes, Virginia, there is room for your keys. In short, it’s perfect. Yes, it’s a little more than I spent on the cheaper armbands, but the fact that this is the last one I had to buy offset the extra few dollars. Love it.

If money is no object and sound is king
happier-hearts-bose-100914Full disclosure: I have tried these, but I do not own a pair. That’s because I loved them but the price makes me hyperventilate. If you’ve got the funds and want the best listening experience possible, go ahead and pick up these QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones from Bose. True to their claims, all you’ll hear is music. That’s it (even on a plane). They’re lightweight and comfortable, too, and as an added bonus, for an extra $100 (but who’s counting?) you can even design your own, choosing from a nearly unlimited array of color combinations. These are first on my list for when that winning lottery ticket comes in.

How do you enjoy your music? Have a must-have recommendation for us? We’d love to hear it!

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