Awesome Humans: Tomomi Sayuda And The Mask of Soul

awesome-humans-tomomi-sayuda-100814Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Inescapable office stress.
Inescapable office stress who?
Maybe your office stress would be escapable if you had one of these cool helmets.

They look pretty silly, but the motivation behind this colorful headgear is serious: Japanese interactive product designer Tomomi Sayuda created The Mask of Soul to make it easier for office workers to blow off some steam. The idea is that you’ll feel more like a cartoon character, freer and more likely to speak your mind. Just as normally-shy people start belting out their favorite tunes at karaoke, the hope here is that donning the voice-amplifying helmet helps the wearer shed their inhibitions.

Sayuda says her creation is dedicated, in part, to her late father, who took his own life “due to work related stress” when she was still a child. How does someone go from a tragedy like that to a brilliant, happy idea like this? I’m not sure, but I love that she did.

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