How to deal with a bad day: BUST IT!

Every once in a while we stop what we’re doing at Happier and have a Hack Day. Everyone picks a fun or interesting project they want to work on and we crank all day, with lots of pizza and coffee as fuel. The idea is to explore different ideas that aren’t currently on our product road map and learn something that we could make part of the Happier experience.

I’m really psyched to share one of the projects with you guys. Colin (our co-founder and product lead), Erin (our creative director), and I worked on it together and without further introduction here it is:

All of us have bad days. They suck, they aren’t fun, but they happen. The key is not let them own you but to shift your perspective and find something positive, however small, to hold on to.

To give you some extra energy to do this, next time you’re having a bad day we want to help you BUST IT!

(And for extra credit, share this with a friend who might need a pick-me-up. After all, the simplest way to feel happier is to help someone else smile.)


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