Carson’s Top Fashion and Style Tips For Fall


Hi Happiers!

This time of year always reminds me of back-to-school shopping with my mom, headed to Hess’s: Allentown, PA’s most glamorous shopping destination in the 70s. Armed with new corduroys and a silk print shirt, I felt new and improved and ready to take on the world! (At least in 3rd grade!) Anyway, the tradition of back-to-school shopping forever instilled in me the power of a fresh fall wardrobe! Here are 10 tips to start fresh this fall:


  1. Go back-to-school shopping even if you’re not actually going back to school. (Note: taking the Happier Makeover course counts as going back to school!)

  3. Get some new nail lacquer: Try hot new moody colors like Navy and Merlot.







  1. Killer outerwear. The key piece for fall is the parka. Since you wear it every day as the cold weather approaches, get a good one — it’s worth the investment.
  1. Go for a long skirt.  It’s great for every figure and can add drama to pieces you already have (like a simple white blouse).
  1. Try pleats. (Just try them. You might really end up liking them.)
  1. Add a touch of leather. You don’t have to invest in leather jeans – who looks good in them anyway? — but try adding touches of leather or faux hides in sweater-patch details, leggings with racing stripes, or a cute motorcycle jacket. For even more edge, go for the new liquid-like faux leather.
  1. Refresh your intimates! If you haven’t bought new bras and panties since the Reagan administration, it’s time to freshen up the underwear drawer. Undergarments affect how you feel and improve how everything on top of them fits. Change your bra = change your life!
  1. Buy some new kicks to motivate a back to the gym mentality. If I think I look cute, I’m more likely to go to the gym.
  1. Add a bit of animal print. I always have some in my collection for shopHQ and this fall is perfect for touches of muted cheetah and python. Muted versions in grays and browns act like a neutral and pair with everything!
  1. Go green. Green is having a moment. While everyone is still rocking cobalt and deep purples, stand out from the crowd with green — the color that’s about to be the next big trend. Try emerald all the way to olive drab.

2 thoughts on “Carson’s Top Fashion and Style Tips For Fall

  1. Perfect timing for this article! I have already done some of these things and feel so good about the changes I have made to my wardrobe! Ladies, get going and implement some of these suggestions to spruce up your look this fall!

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