Happier Challenge: Be Proud Of Yourself

happier-challenge-proud-092214Good morning! Did you have an awesome weekend? Are you ready to kick this week off in style? Start it off right with today’s challenge, guaranteed to give you a self-confidence boost:

Think about something that you’re proud you’ve achieved.

(A sense of accomplishment is tied to increased happiness, which makes sense, because who doesn’t dig feeling like they did something cool?)

Here’s a few more ways to get your happy on as you embark on the new week:

  • If you’re fascinated by the science dedicated to studying happiness (we are!), check out this veritable crash course in recent research; I bet you’ll find some new-to-you tidbits, there.
  • Every so often, you just need some pictures to make you smile. May I suggest Men with long hair try fancy feminine up-dos for your consideration?
  • If you’re short on sleep—and who amongst the chronically busy isn’t—it’s time to learn about the coffee nap. Spoiler: it’s a real thing, it’s proven to work, and it takes very little time. Fascinating.

Have a happier week, and don’t forget to share a moment about this week’s challenge with the Happier community!

One thought on “Happier Challenge: Be Proud Of Yourself

  1. I discovered a house cleaning routine that I can schedule on my calendar. It takes only 20 minutes a day! Every time I walk into a clean room it makes me happy. And with so little effort!

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