Happier Hearts: Scarf Love

happier-heart-tommy-krul-091814Last week we hunkered down together at Happier HQ to watch the big Apple announcement online (okay, a few of us were video-conferenced in, but the point is that it was A Thing), and yes, some of what they discussed was important to us because we make an iOS app, sure, but the real topic of discussion ended up being Scarf Guy. If you watched, you know exactly to whom I’m referring—Tommy Krul, the gaming executive who gave a demonstration of his company’s product. But somehow it was his scarf that drew all the attention.

We’re big fans of scarves, here at Happier. In Scarf Guy’s honor (sorry, Tommy, you’ll always be Scarf Guy to me), this week it’s All About The Scarf.

How to wear it
If you’re not already wearing scarves as the simplest way to mix up your wardrobe and add an instant dash of happy, it’s probably because you feel like you don’t know how to wear one. If you have about 5 minutes, here’s 25 different ways to wear a scarf. (I swear on my children’s heads that I have this video bookmarked for reference; it’s my favorite.)

What to look for, and where
Now that you have some ideas, what about the actual scarves? Well, you can find ’em just about anywhere, at any price point. I look for an outrageous print (but pair that with a simple outfit or risk looking a little over-the-top), a mix of patterns, or just some of my favorite colors. And then, it’s up to you. Below, from left to right: Mossimo multicolored feather scarf (at Target; $14.99); women’s mixed dot stripe scarf (at Lands’ End; $29); and Vismaya striped square scarf in berry/orange (at Last Call; $40).


Will you be sharing our scarf love? I’ll be looking for your pictures in the Happier community!

One thought on “Happier Hearts: Scarf Love

  1. I LOVE scarves! They have become my favorite go to item in my wardrobe. I also love and have that YouTube video mentioned bookmarked.

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