Don’t Panic: Changes In The New Happier App

We were super excited to announce the latest version of the Happier app, because we’ve been working hard and we always love to bring our community improvements and even more ways to make you happier. But we also recognize that change can be a little uncomfortable, so we want to help clarify some questions we’ve received about changes in the new and improved app.

Help! Can we not edit or delete moments anymore??
In the old version of the app, you had the little gear wheel in the upper righthand corner of a moment. In the new version, instead, you have an ellipse (that’s the ) either under your moment text (if there’s no picture) or on your photo (if you used one); in either case, you’ll see it in the lower left corner. Clicking on the ellipse takes you to your editing options. See below (I drew an orange arrow pointing to the ellipse) (I also used this moment of me holding the official Happier Baby because he’s adorable):


Help! Where did my moment collection options go?
Instead of doing all of your moment stuff on a single screen, in the new version of the app, you input text/photo information first, then hit the next button to proceed to the rest of your options, like choosing a category, where/how your moment will be shared, etc. See below:


Did comments disappear?? I don’t see them!
You can still leave comments on others’ moments and read comments left by others; we have simply opted to hide those comments from your main feed (for a faster load and scroll). The little speech bubble on the lower right of moments is where you click to either read comments or leave your own; a count number will appear to indicate the presence of comments, too. Here’s a moment from Nataly that had 7 comments when I scrolled passed it:


But what happened to…
Please bear in mind that the Happier app is a work in progress, and sometimes we have to do things like remove some functionality you enjoy in order to update something else. We know some of you are already missing certain functionality, such as the ability to post multiple photo frames. We’re listening to everyone’s feedback, we promise! Some of the changes in this version may not be permanent, and some of your beloved options may return in future updates. Just keep letting us know what you love and what you don’t, and we’ll keep doing our best to make Happier awesome.

Have more questions or feedback? You can comment here on this post, or drop us an email at, any time.

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