Happier Has A New Look!

photo_erinHi there, Happiers, it’s Erin here. I’m the Creative Director and Designer at Happier and I’m excited to share some fun news today.

Over the past few months we listened to your valuable feedback and made a lot of improvements to the Happier app, all with the goal of giving you a better, faster, more awesomer, Happier experience.


We now have an iPad app! Our awesome iOS developer Brian has been working really hard on giving you more ways to get your Happier fix. Just install the app from the app store and it will adjust to any iOS device.


  • This is about you! We wanted you to shine, so we made it easier for you to see happy moments and photos. The changes we made also allow you to scroll through your friends’ moments even faster.happier-new-look-ipad
  • Quick and easy to use. We simplified our navigation so you can find the things that are important to you—quickly!happier-new-look-EG


  • Your questions answered, fast. Our goal is to get you the answers you need about courses. (For example: Why should I take a Happier course? How do Happier courses help me? Stuff like that.) We also added short videos to give you a quick overview of what you can expect.
  • Easy step-by-step lessons. In each course lesson our step-by-step bar gives you a way to measure your progress, making it easy for you to track how far you’ve come and how close you are to completing the course.


happier-new-look-new-iconWe also changed up our app icon a little bit. We think this new one is even spiffier, makes us even easier to find, and goes well with the new and improved us. (Don’t worry—as you can see, we’re still orange. Of course.)

Thank you for being part of our community and as always, we love your feedback. Comment here or drop us a line to let us know what you think; you’re the reason we do what we do!

14 thoughts on “Happier Has A New Look!

    • Thanks for your feedback – we had to change things up for iOS 8 but are working on figuring out what/when we can bring back.

    • Not at all – it’s just in a different location. Tap on the three little dots (…) in bottom left of the moment and the editing menu will come up.

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  2. Hi Nataly and Erin,
    I’m having a problem logging into my happier app on my (new) iPhone. My password isn’t working and when I ask for pw reset, the app says they are sending an email to my address, but I’m not getting it. Can you check this? Thanks!!

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  4. I am confused as this is my first time using this app. I just purchased a course accidentally bc I was expecting a prompt to enter payment information but instead it automatically said that I purchased the app. I know that you have made your courses free now but why does it says $19.99 under the course title? I just wanted to be sure that I wasn’t charged for this course.

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    • Hi Jade,

      Rest assured, you were not charged. We’re still working out some kinks and some of our courses are still displaying a price even though they’re free. In addition, right now the messaging still congratulates you on your “purchase” even though you’ve selected a course which has no associated cost. So we’re still tweaking things, obviously, but we will never charge you money without your consent and multiple steps of confirmation! 🙂

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