Happier Hearts: Happy Feet!

Can we talk about feet for a minute? I don’t mean anything weird or creepy, just that… well… for me, if my feet don’t feel good—good being a relative term, meaning “correct temperature” or “pretty” or “free or pain,” depending—the rest of me doesn’t, either.

Having a stash of happy-foot-making tools in my arsenal tends to keep me happier. Is it true for you, too? If so, read on!

Minty fresh and moisturized
I wouldn’t consider myself a big mint fan, in general, but if I’m going to put lotion on my feet, I want it to be peppermint. It’s invigorating and soothing, all at the same time. I use a few different peppermint foot lotions, but Bliss Foot Patrol and Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion are two of my favorites.


Never underestimate the power of great socks
Can you be sad while wearing fabulous socks? Probably, but it’s a lot harder. For a huge assortment of great socks, I’d head to—where else?—Happy Socks, of course (and not just because they make fabulous orange giraffe socks), but for those super-special occasions, it’s hard to beat caped superhero socks.


Flip flops don’t have to ruin your feet
I realize that those of you not living on the surface of the sun (a.k.a., the south) like I do may have already put away your sandals for the season, but hear me out: Whether they’re a staple of your footwear or something you throw on to putter around the house, cheap flip flops may be causing you foot fatigue. There’s tons of fancy sandals out there claiming to offer better options (with a price tag to match…), but for about the same price as “regular” flip flops, you could grab a pair of Okibashis and treat yourself. These Indigo Actives (pictured, below) are my absolute favorites—they’re cute, made eco-friendly in the USA, and they have juuuust enough arch support in the ergonomic footbed to keep my feet feeling good. And before you ask: Yep, you can get ’em in orange!


One thought on “Happier Hearts: Happy Feet!

  1. I’d forgotten about Peppermint foot lotion. Thanks for the reminder of how wonderful it is!! Perhaps I’ll attempt to “make my own”. I have peppermint essential oil on hand….(no pun intended).

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