Happier Science: Mentoring Your Way Happy

happier-science-mentorship-090614It turns out that there’s science to back the notion that “good karma” is actually a thing. A real thing, even.

A recent article on Techvibes highlights research demonstrating that the oft-repeated wisdom about being kind to others being good for you has a specific application when it comes to your job: Mentoring has been proven to make you both happier and more successful.

This goes beyond the random-act-of-kindness sort of thing; mentoring is about forging an ongoing relationship with no intention other than sharing and spreading your particular expertise with others. Science has demonstrated that this not only decreases stress and resets your own happiness set-point—mentoring tends to impart a bump in perceived life purpose, which is obviously great for increasing happiness—but it also tends to lead to greater work success, too. That means there’s no downside to reaching out to others as a mentor, because it’s good for them, good for your overall health, and good for your career.

The takeaway? If you’re feeling unhappy in your work life, your best bet for a dual happiness/success boost may just be mentoring others.

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