Happier Hearts: Play in the Rain!

Summer’s winding down, and cooler fall days—along with damp and drizzly chill—are coming. My antidote to a dreary, rainy day is a fabulous pair of rain boots. Think about it: why do we buy all manner of cute boots for the kids and then wear plain ol’ black or yellow, ourselves? Everyone can use a little pick-me-up on a rainy day, and you can’t take yourself too seriously in fabulous rain boots.

Because you can get everything at Target
While you could easily spend three figures on a pair of awesome rain boots that speak to your style, it’s absolutely not necessary. In fact, Target carries some great options for the same prices as you’d pay for boring boots. Could you be anything but giddy in these??


Like a beautiful bird of paradise…
The Sak calls this pattern “midnight treehouse,” but I think it looks like someone put some beautiful birds and a dragon and some flowers and a rainbow all in a blender. Wait, that didn’t come out the way I meant it. I meant… colorful. You know. Just look at ’em! They’d put a spring in anyone’s step.


A little bit funky, a little bit classy
Not feeling the boots that kind of jump out and grab you with their bright colors and crazy patterns? Go a little more subtle—with some gorgeous styling details, too—with something like this Ted Baker Atiri boot. They’re still fabulous, but in a more sophisticated way.


Here’s to many days of puddle-stomping to come!

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