Awesome Humans: Chris Conley Is No “Average” Athlete

awesome-humans-chris-conleyToday I’m thrilled to bring you someone awesome who’s been something of a local celeb for a while, but is now garnering national attention (as well he should). Chris Conley is a Georgia Bulldog (that means he plays football for UGA, for those of you not ensconced in dawg-land) with an impressive athletic record—he’s just starting his senior year and is expected to be drafted by the NFL in the spring. Yet… that picture above isn’t what you typically see for a renowned college football player.

That’s because Conley is also a screenwriter, film director, actor, and that’s him as a galactic villain in his Star Wars fan film, Retribution. All of that is on top of being an honor journalism student, musician, and—by all accounts—just an all-around nice guy. Want to learn more? ESPN ran a great piece on him last week.

Listen, football is a huge deal around here, and most of the time, I can take it or leave it. Sometimes our student athletes aren’t the model citizens we make them out to be. This young man appears to be the real deal, an inspiration and way more than what we see on the football field. Well done, Mr. Conley! You make me proud to be a Dawg!

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