Happier Hearts: Jewelry to Remind You

I’m all about wearing an accessory or two that makes you feel beautiful and/or confident, but I’m definitely not one of those “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” sorts. It’s not about what it costs, it’s about what it means to you. This week I want to share a few jewelry picks—two very affordable, one more of a luxury—but I think all are meaningful. Maybe one will speak to you.

A secret reminder
I bought this ring from BerkeyDesigns on Etsy for my teen daughter pretty much the minute I first saw it a few years back. What a wonderful message, and the fact that only part of it is visible to everyone else is part of what makes it so awesome.


Sleek and stylish for a cause
Have you heard of Bravelets? Sleek and modern jewelry (mostly bracelets; the original leather/stainless ones pictured below are my favorite) with the reminder to “be brave” keep you feeling strong and stylish while also donating $10 per item towards a given charity (browse to see the ones supported on the site, or create your own fundraiser for your own cause)!


You’re unique!
Ann Corpron of Brevity Jewelry makes an assortment of beautiful things, but by far the most interesting (to me) offering on her site is the signature necklace. You’re an original; why not have a name necklace that reflects that? Corpron’s craftsmanship is incredible, and this is a neat way to have something totally you to wear every day.


Happy accessorizing!

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