Mindful Break: How To Make The Awesome Choice

worst-enemy-quoteYesterday I received a stinging email.

Hi Dave,

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you are completely full of it? The whole “intelligent universe, people are living out where they are suppose to be” is really crappy for many.

And the whole “we signed up for this life so be happy” bullsh*t… is bullsh*t. There is a large population that can no longer relate to bullsh*t because life is just that real.

I don’t know the person who wrote it, but I must say, he has a good point. THANK YOU.

And trust me, I’m not sitting home sucking on seeds in a loin cloth watching Wayne Dyer PBS re-runs.

I have plenty of personal issues, angry thoughts, and total freakouts.

Life comes down to choices.

–Freak out. Don’t freak out.

–Exercise. Don’t exercise.

–Be positive.  Be negative.

It’s when we stop making conscious choices, that life begins to suck.

The beer starts drinking you.

The envy reaches critical mass.

The anxiety approaches terminal velocity.

At that point, you feel like you are facing a much stronger enemy, who could knock you out any second by a poor month of business, or bad news from your doctor, or some tragic event.

Here’s a thought. Next time you feel like reality sucks, like you are getting hammered by life, like the “enemy” is about to win again…try this:

Rear back, and with all your might…


Choose health: The buzz of being super healthy feels way better than the buzz of being super drunk.

Choose love: The depth of a loyal relationship is far more powerful than the thrill of a fleeting affair

Choose now: The allure of tomorrow is nothing compared to what’s happening right this second.

To the critic, the enemy, whoever and whatever you call that person in your life…

…they are always in your head, which can only be solved by your heart.

One thought on “Mindful Break: How To Make The Awesome Choice

  1. Life is all about choices. Sometimes we are left dealing with the consequences of past choices and would choose differently now if given the chance. That’s when life stings. Being in debt and struggling to make ends meet because we chose to live above our means in the past… Being in a relationship that is unfulfilling because our need to be with “someone” trumped our need to be with the “right” someone… And sometimes you can choose to live differently now but still have to clean up from the past. Choosing to eat right today does not immediately rid you of years of eating unhealthy… YET choosing today empowers today. Choosing today insures that tomorrow, or a future tomorrow, these past choices will eventually not be the issues. That, for me, is a reason to fell empowered by choice and happier about my future. Today is really hard. But by making healthier choices, tomorrow may not be…

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