Happier Hearts: Trick Out Your Bicycle

As the weather finally starts to cool off a little bit, we’re thinking about one of those simple joys—riding a bicycle. It combines all sorts of happiness-making components (getting outside, exercising, maybe even time with others), and nothing reminds me of the joy of childhood quote like coasting down a hill on my bike.

Looking to add some fun to your ride, or maybe get the family excited about hitting the road? Check these out:

Safety first!
If you want to go biking, you need a good helmet. If you don’t want to hate wearing a helmet, I suggest getting one that makes you smile. Nutcase helmets were developed as an answer to the “boring or licensed character” helmet dilemma, and while they do protect your noggin, they’re also just plain delightful. I am especially smitten with the watermelon one.


Ding ding… behind you
Do you need a bell? Probably not. Do you want a bell? If it’s one of these Kikkerland bells, I’m going to guess yes. These are pretty sweet for little kids, of course, but I’m not going to judge you if you want one for yourself.


Light up the night
This one is pure luxury for the fun of it, but if you’re going all out, you have to check out MonkeyLectric’s Monkey Light. It’s a series of LEDS that they bill as “not just a practical bike light, but also a cutting edge digital art platform.” It can create thousands of different patterns, rendering your after-dark ride a traveling art display.


Of course, you don’t really need to spend any money on your bike to make it an awesome, happier experience. I’m still down for a couple of clothespins and some playing cards on the spokes (anyone remember doing that??)….

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