Awesome Humans: Misty Copeland, the Unlikely Ballerina

misty-copeland-awesome-humanIf you spend any time at all on the Internet, chances are you’ve seen this Under Armor advertisement that went viral last week. It features Misty Copeland, arguably one of the most amazing ballerinas of our time, doing the magic she does while a young girl reads a rejection letter she once received.

Misty Copeland started dancing too late, had the wrong body type for ballet, and is a woman of color—three strikes against her dream of being a prima ballerina. Well, so what? She did it anyway. Read more about her story and see more amazing videos over at Elephant Journal.

Copeland’s story just plain makes us happy. What an inspirational display of pursuing your goal, no matter what the nay-sayers tell you. This isn’t a story about ballet; this is a story about being true to yourself. What an incredible role model for anyone.

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