Happier Hearts: Awesome Yoga Mats and Bags

I take yoga a few times a week and have a few mats and bags stashed at the office, in my car, and at home so one is always available if I can find time for a class. Here are a few of my faves:

Add some Buddha to your (custom) yoga mat

A friend recommended this Aspen Yoga Mat to me a few months ago and it’s become my absolute favorite. It’s just soft enough without feeling like a squishy unstable floating device, easy to clean, and you can choose a symbol to print. (Mine is turquoise with a smiling Buddha:)


Carry your mat in style

I like this Drishti Yoga Tote because it has a wide opening for easy mat storage. The zippered mesh pocket on the outside is a great way to carry some (sweaty) yoga clothes or your keys. LU9972S_0001_1

Pack your yoga gear in orange

I wouldn’t be true to my orange obsession if I didn’t include something orange, right? This Lug Cartwheel Fitness Bag is my favorite when I need to bring yoga clothes and gear to work for a lunch class. (I also use it as an overnight bag for short trips). It’s roomy enough, with a separate pocket for your shoes, has a great cushioned strap, tons of pockets, and an outside holder for your yoga mat. Wins on all counts, not to mention it looks awesome!


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