Mindful Break: Happiness Champion of the World

daveblog1I had a call last week with one of my best friends from childhood. He is by far the most successful of all the friends I grew up with. His company is uber successful. He has a happy, healthy family. Life is good.

And yet, throughout the call, he was still complaining about the same stuff he complained about 20 years ago.

“There never seems to be enough time in the day.  If only I wasn’t so busy.”

“My ankles hurt. Gosh running is hard.”

“My partner and I are always arguing. It breaks my heart.”

Finally, I asked him, “I know you are financially set, but are you enjoying your life?”

Despite his wealth, my friend, like most people, answered the question with a pause, a hesitation, and then, with something less than “yes” and closer to “no.”

In the past few weeks, I have asked this question of a lot of different people, as someone had asked it of me.

It’s a tough question.

I have found that most of us are not enjoying our lives to the extent we should be.

So I ask you today: “Are you enjoying your life?”

Be honest.

If your answer is anything less than a resounding yes, then something needs to change. And change is easier than you might imagine.


My friend’s daughter gave an awe-inspiring speech to her high school graduating class.

She told her graduating class the story of her early high school years; and how she dressed in over-sized t-shirts and ratty sneakers. She was ashamed of her body, comparing herself to a “garden vegetable.”

Whether you are 17 or 47, maybe you can relate?

But then she had her moment. She told her peers how she spent one summer at art school, and hung out with the right crowd, with her crowd.

She continued, “A lot of people [at art school] wore blue lipstick, polk-a-dots, grew their leg hair out, and felt good doing whatever they wanted. And these people told me that my body was beautiful. And I thought they were beautiful because they thought they were beautiful.”

Wow. Okay, that struck me.

Then she said something that should be a Happier post, on every quote website, and every high school chalkboard in the universe:

“I decided that I was pretty.

“I decided that I was worthy.

“I deserve happiness and I’m worthy of happiness!”

Could anyone on Super Soul Sunday have said it any better?!?!

She reminds us all that you don’t have to read a bestselling book, or take a crowded workshop, or eliminate certain food groups to learn your Truth.

Because your Truth cannot be learned. Acceptance cannot be achieved.  Happiness cannot be found.

Make the decision NOW, today, that you ARE all those things you hope to become.

No one is going to do this for you. Not your crush, nor your boss, nor your partner.

Instead of just moving on to the next email, make the decision right now and spread the word:

Today, I made the awesome decision to be peaceful, beautiful, and happy! (Be sure to share a happy moment about your resolution, too!)

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