Happier Starts: Tips for Looking Awesome Every Day

happier-starts-look-awesomeListen, no one is spontaneously happy and cheerful all the time. When you feel good, you tend to look good, but sometimes you’re just not feeling your best. Maybe you’re not even feeling bad, but just kind of… meh. It happens.

Modern media would have you believe the best way to look fabulous on one of those meh sorts of days would be with hundreds of dollars worth of make-up and even more expensive clothing. No thanks! I mean, hey, go for it if that’s your thing, but I prefer to keep it simple (and cheap). The key is to find small ways to feel a little more awesome, which will, in turn, make you look more awesome. Really, it’s easy. Try one of these:

1) Wear something you love. Whether it’s your favorite color or something that’s just cozy, heading out into the world in something that makes you feel good actually makes you look better. (Think about it; does anyone look great in clothes that make them uncomfortable? Exactly.)

2) Go for a sentimental item. I happen to wear earrings just about every day, and for the most part I pick a pair that I figure kind of goes with my outfit. But sometimes I pick a pair because of who gave them to me, or because I bought them on a trip and I’m feeling nostalgic. Sometimes I wear one of my grandmother’s scarves when I’m thinking about her. And it always makes me smile to wear something my kids gave me!

3) Get noticed. You know that phrase, “a pop of color?” Stylists love to talk about how it adds interest and/or depth to an outfit. I happen to own a super-comfy pair of orange and burgundy suede shoes. They’re… a little unusual. I don’t wear them all that often. But I get compliments on them every time I do. If I’m having a blah kind of morning and discover I’m dressed in old jeans and a t-shirt (boooring!), I’ll add those shoes, and without fail, someone will notice and I’ll end up grinning.

4) Dress up when you don’t have to. This one isn’t for everyone—maybe you detest dressing up and the very idea makes you itchy—but wearing something a little fancier than is necessary may just put an extra spring in your step for the day. Try it and see.

5) Smile (even if you have to fake it). We already know that smiling makes us happier even if it starts out as fakery, so I’ll point out, again, that the best way to look awesome is to feel awesome. A smile is truly your most invaluable accessory when you’re trying to look your best.

By the way? You’re looking rather fabulous today. I couldn’t help noticing.

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