Happier Hearts: Getting organized in style

Staying organized makes me happier — and keeps me sane! — so I wanted to share my 3 absolute favorite organizing products with you:

Cord Control….

Built Cargo Travel Organizer

Like sherpas to Mt. Everest, most of us carry everything we need for work everywhere we go. We tote laptops and tablets and smartphones — and all the cords that go with them — on planes, trains, and automobiles. Keep your mobile office together with this perfect pouch that holds all your electronics’ accessories in one place.


Everything but the kitchen drawer…

MadeSmart Drawer Organizers

A well-organized kitchen drawer means cooking remains a pleasure instead of turning into a frantic and frustrating hunt for a lost measuring spoon. (Or garlic press.) (Or vegetable peeler.)


The (rubber) grass is always greener…

Umbra Grassy Organizer

You can make a tooth-brushing lawn with this organizer, but I use it for pens on my desk. It’s a fun way to organize them while adding some color (other than orange) to the office. (Added bonus: it always makes me want to take my shoes off and run barefoot through real grass.)


Being organized reduces stress and creates more time to do the things you love. Like looking for fun cool organizing products!

2 thoughts on “Happier Hearts: Getting organized in style

    • Hi Al,

      One of our weekly features is Nataly sharing some products she loves. We thought these were fun items our community members would love to hear about, that’s all. If you look at the links you’ll see that they are not affiliate links; we get nothing out of recommending them, just thought folks might enjoy. (If this sort of thing is still not your cup of tea, we understand. You may wish to avert your eyes on Thursdays.)

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