Happier Jump-Starts: Learn, baby, learn!

happier-jump-start-7-21-14Did you have a great weekend? I know we’re all supposed to grumble about Mondays, but… once I’ve gotten up and had my coffee, I kind of dig ’em. If I had a great break from work, I’m ready to get back to it. If I had a stressful weekend, I’m ready to start a new week. I feel you, Monday.

Monday is also cool with me because it’s time for this week’s Happier Challenge. Ready?

This week, think about something new that you learned recently.

This one is super easy because unless you’ve been hibernating, chances are excellent that you’re learning new stuff all the time. It turns out that learning new things is proven to make us happier, so if you can’t think of anything, consider exploring something about which you’ve always wanted to know more!

Here, I’ve even help you cheat—surely some of the following reading/viewing will be new to you. You might learn something, and it’s a great way to make your week even more awesome. Check these out:

Have a happier week, and don’t forget to report back on the Happier Challenge!

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