Super-quick anti-stress pick-me-ups

Recently I did something I haven’t done in a really long time: I went on vacation and did not look at my email. Zero. Nada. (I swear. I’m not even lying a tiny bit.)

It was AWESOME. Until I came back. It felt like an avalanche had hit me — and buried me. Catching up was completely overwhelming. In fact, it almost made me regret having gone away at all.

gooseberries-cherriesThat’s when I knew it was time for a super-quick anti-stress pick-me-up. I love fruit, and I especially love summer fruit, so I packed myself a container full of cherries and gooseberries and devoured it first thing after I got into the office.

It was a small treat and a really tasty one. And while it didn’t rid me of all of my stress or respond to any of the endless emails screaming for my attention (if only fruit had tiny little fruit-fingers to type with!), it was a little happy moment that made everything just a little bit better.

Which is what life is all about. Think about some of your super-quick anti-stress pick-me-ups and vow to do more of them every week.

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