Happier Hearts: Lifefactory glass water bottle

Nataly's water bottle momentBeing happier has nothing to do with having more stuff, but I’ve learned that having a few things that make you smile is awesome. Once a week I’m sharing a find – or a few! – that’s making me smile. Here’s what I’m loving this week:

This is my favorite water bottle. I don’t really like water, so I got a fun bottle that looks awesome to inspire me (and trick me!) into drinking more every day. It’s glass, BPA-free, and orange (my favorite), so every time I see it and fill it up, I’m reminded that healthy habits don’t have to feel like hard work.

Takeaway tip: If there’s a healthy habit you’re having a hard time sticking to, find a way to make it fun. Finding a happier water bottle inspired me to drink more water more often!

One thought on “Happier Hearts: Lifefactory glass water bottle

  1. If you squeeze fresh lime it cleanses your liver. Lemon is good for kidneys and bladder. Drink a cup first thing in the morning (with lime) and it makes you feel great.

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