We’re thrilled to announce: Yoga to Go!

Photo of Chrissy and her faithful dog, Ellie, by Steph Burton.
[Photo of Chrissy and her faithful dog, Ellie, by Steph Burton.]

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here: Our newest Happier baby—in mobile course form, naturally—is now live and ready for purchase. Yoga to Go is our third course offering, and like other Happier courses before it, the goal is simply to help you be happier.

The number of people practicing yoga is growing exponentially, yet we know that for many, getting out to a class can be intimidating or a logistical hassle. Even for those of us who enjoy the studio experience, in the daily craziness that is modern life, it can be hard to carry that serenity-on-the-mat feeling forward into the rest of the day. That’s why we created Yoga to Go to work for everyone, anywhere you have your mobile phone, and it can serve as either an introduction or enhancement to a daily yoga practice.

We teamed up with yoga expert Chrissy Carter to create the perfect blend of inspiration and practicality. Chrissy is all about living your yoga, taking it off the mat and into all aspects of your life, so she was a natural choice when developing the course. Together we’ve created a week of instruction, encouragement, and a framework that allows you to incorporate yoga into even the busiest schedule.

A lot of different factors go into course development here at Happier, obviously, and we won’t bore you with the specifics, but we do need to point out one important thing. As a new company, we’re learning as we go, and it’s the enthusiastic, thoughtful, and yes, sometimes even critical feedback from you—our awesome Happier community—that helps us to keep getting better and better. We’re awfully proud of Yoga to Go, and you helped us make it great by telling us what you loved about Everyday Grateful and Meditation Vacation. So thank you for helping us grow. (You make us happier!)

We hope you’ll check out Yoga to Go and give it a try. Namaste!

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