Mrs. Manzer’s class makes us happier!

We get all kinds of awesome user feedback that makes us happier, but the story we’re sharing today holds a very special place in our hearts—how could we not be thrilled to hear that Happier is making a difference in a classroom? Just try not to smile at this one:

Hello again,

Earlier this week my class watched Nataly’s TED talk and it couldn’t have been more of a success! My students were so engaged during her presentation. Many have never watched TED talks before so they were curious. During the presentation, students had to respond to questions I created to assess their comprehension. After the presentation, I asked students to flip their papers over and write down a happy moment they had today. Then they shared it with each other and some shared with the class.

Happier Goody BagBut, as suspected, some students said they didn’t have any happy moments which posed a great opportunity to give them their surprise bags! I asked them to look inside their desks and instantly the happy faces evolved.

Thanks again for sharing the cards! The students loved them and are keeping them in circulation within our school. My students wanted me to please extend a heartful thank you to Nataly for her courage to share her story and to remind others to embrace those happy moments in life:)

Signed one happy teacher:)
Mrs. K. Manzer

You can read more about Mrs. Manzer’s class—and their work on being happier—on her class blog. We can’t wait to see what her students come up with next!

(Do you have a story to share about how Happier has affected your life? We want to hear it! Write to us at

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