Happy International Day of Happiness!

Here at Happier HQ, we think every day is a great day to be happy, but today the whole world agrees—it’s the International Day of Happiness! It’s totally a real thing, and we didn’t even invent it (the United Nations General Assembly did, so, y’know, it’s legit). We have a few humble offerings for you to celebrate the day:

  • If it makes you happier to read nice things about Happier (it works for us!), check out this USA Today piece on the day, featuring none other than our very own Chief Happiness Officer, Nataly Kogan.
  • As a special, one-day, hooray-for-international-happiness celebration, we are offering our mobile Meditation Vacation course for just $9.99, today (March 20th, 2014) only! That’s half price, which seems like the least we can do on such an auspicious day.
  • Need some quick-and-easy reminders of simple ways you can be happier, whenever? We put together the handy-dandy infographic below to help. Save it to your desktop, make it your wallpaper, print it out and staple it to your dog (just kidding on that last one; please use tape)—whatever works for you, we’re happy to lend a happiness boost, today and every day.

(Click to enlarge.)25Ways_All_info_01

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