Here’s what the Happier team did for lunch the other day

I had a really horrible no good very bad morning the other day. You know that kind when everything goes wrong? THAT. By the time I ran into the Happier office I didn’t even remember which day it was.

Which is when I saw this:

photo 1(1)

Now, forget about the fact that Vosges is only my favorite chocolate in the world. Or that there was SO much of it. The reason it was there was the reason my bad day was about to turn happier:

We were going to do our yoga and chocolate workshop with the awesome Yeah Dave!

Dave and I met when the wonderful Katie Rosman wrote about us for the Wall Street Journal. (The article involved going to Dave’s yoga class in NYC, while I was really sick, including a fever, and which turned out to be one of the toughest classes I’ve taken. I am very proud of myself for getting through that one:) He started telling me about meditation and I immediately cut him off to say that meditation was something absolutely positively not for me. In a serendipitous way, that conversation gave way to our Meditation Vacation course.

Dave also told me about yoga and chocolate workshops he did, to which my response was “You had me at yoga and then again at chocolate!”. I mean, who wouldn’t love that!

So here we were. At about 12:30 most of the Happier team (a few folks were unluckily out and missing it) changed into our yoga clothes, rolled out our mats, and took our places in the middle of the sunny Happier HQ.

photo 2(2)

(I don’t think I’ve ever seen the team this peaceful. Or Colin be this still. And yes, that’s Colin wearing jeans because he can rock yoga in jeans!)

For 45 minute we did an awesome flow, with Dave keeping us smiling, breathing, and laughing with his awesome stories and humor.

photo 4(1)

And then came the best part. Now, my favorite part of a yoga class is that amazing nap at the end. But this one was better because after class we got to eat chocolate!

photo 3(1)photo 4(2)

We tasted different flavor chocolate bars from Vosges, including this really interesting new flavor, Coconut Ash and Banana. Yoga – and any type of mindfulness practice – heightens your senses. And while I’ve eaten a LOT of great chocolate, I have to say it was really amazing to sit there, after a yoga class, and really taste and smell and feel the chocolate. Looking over at the team, I think we found a new activity that makes us happier 🙂

photo 1(2)

Thanks, Dave, for making our day. We floated through the rest of it, making plans for in-office yoga and chocolate tastings.

3 thoughts on “Here’s what the Happier team did for lunch the other day

  1. YAY!!! i am a super fan too 😉 of Dave and yoga and chocolate. I am also a loyal Momenteer, my students and I share our moments every day at 1:11! Thanks for spreading the happy news

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