Behind the scenes of Happier Courses (literally!)

There are a lot of times when I wish we could take our entire awesome Happier community and bring all of you into our Happier HQ or behind the scenes of what we’re working on. The day we shot our course videos for Meditation Vacation and Everyday Yoga series was one of those days: I really really really wish you guys could have been there.

Instead, I took a lot of photos and wanted to share just a few impressions from what was, for me, personally, and for Happier, as a company and a team, a really freaking amazing day.

First, our awesome experts: Dave Romanelli and Chrissy Carter. You ever meet someone and feel like you’ve known them for a long time? That’s how I felt hanging out with these inspiring, funny, and fun people. We had a blast shooting our interviews, changing outfits so the cinematographer and director could decide what worked best in the light, and talking about everything from yes, yoga and meditation and what it means to us and how we each discovered it, and our fave NYC spots.


(Can we also just agree that they look like they are brother and sister?!)

Next, Josh Seftel and his amazing team, whom we’re lucky to have as our production partners for the videos. I knew it took a lot of people to shoot video but whoa, we had one serious crew: camera people, producers, director, sound, lights, and several awesome assistants who were kind enough to sit in for the takes so I and the experts could chill out while the crew set up the set.

photo 1


I was asked to bring a “few” outfits for the shoot (I am in two of the videos, doing the interviews with our experts to kick off each course). This, of course, meant that I brought a suitcase of clothes, that I wheeled around rainy, cold NYC, up and down lots of subway stairs. Being told that “I could go up with the best like Barbara Walters” totally made it all worth it. (Well, that, and the fact that Josh, our awesome director, and his cinematographer, both approved my outfit choices and made feel kinda awesome.)

photo 4

(To be honest with you, seeing myself close up on camera is completely terrifying.)

The crew worked from 6am until about 10pm, with just a short break for lunch. It is incredibly hard work to shoot just a few short videos and I have a completely new deep sense of admiration for people who create movies and videos we enjoy.

I am so excited about how the courses and the videos are coming together and really grateful to have a chance to work with such talented, inspiring people. One of the things that makes the (yes, really stressful and challenging and roller coaster-like) gig of running Happier completely awesome is a chance to meet great people and have so many new experiences. Our first day of shooting videos for Happier Courses is one I won’t forget.

photo 2(1)


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