5 Million Smiles!

We reached a pretty amazing milestone (smile-stone?) recently. The Happier community has shared 5 million smiles! That right there, that’s a serious amount of smiling.

To commemorate this awesome achievement we contacted our 5 millionth smiler, the very happy Adrienne. And while, more than anything we wanted to make it rain down buckets and buckets of actual confetti in her house, we instead opted to offer her complimentary  registration for our brand new Everyday Grateful course, starting in January.

And because here at Happier we are all about science (don’t believe us — check this out) and fun (hopefully you already know that part), we leave you with a fun 5 million-related fact.

We have 5,000,000 smiles.  If each smile were a pat of butter, that’d be enough butter to sustain a person (2,000 calories/day) for 219 years!

Whoa. That’s a lot of butter. But let’s stick to smiles 🙂 Thanks for helping us get to the first 5 million, here’s to many more, awesome smile-stones ahead!

2 thoughts on “5 Million Smiles!

    • Aww, thanks Linda! We’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂 You can review Happier by searching “Happier” in the iTunes app store and going to “Ratings and Reviews” > “Write a review”.
      Thanks in advance for your awesome feedback, we really appreciate it!

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