Fancy table = better mood and happier dinner

Some weeks leave me feeling like a deflated balloon by Sunday night.

One Sunday night, not too long ago, I started to dread making dinner. Another thing to do after an exhausting week. But while I was thinking about what to make for my crew, I was putting away some new wine glasses I’d picked up earlier in the week. (Confession: They were inspired by the wine glasses Olivia Pope has in the absolutely addictive show, Scandal. Yes, I bought wine glasses because I liked them on a TV show.)  And that gave me an idea:

To make us a fun “fancy” Sunday night dinner.

photo 2Dining room instead of kitchen table.

“Cocktails” (juice and lemon) in fancy wine glasses instead of just water in regular water glasses we use.


Cloth napkins and nice silverware we usually use for company.

A geometric tower made from sweet potato fries instead of just piling them on the plate.

A little music.

I baked a quick salmon steak and threw together a quick cucumber and corn salad to go with sweet potato fries tower and the entire fancy dinner, from start to finish, including setting the table, took me about 20 minutes. When I called my guys over to the dining room table, their surprised smiles were all I needed to start turning that rough week around 🙂

photo 3

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