Friends are Awesome

November is a month where lots of people take time to give thanks. But in true Happier style, we thought: If giving ‘thanks’ is great, wouldn’t telling people they’re awesome make the month even, well, awesomer?!

And with that we decided that only great things could come from setting out to make November the #MonthOfAwesome! We’re a week into the challenge, and wow: You’ve posted so many incredible happy moments, and the tweets and emails you’ve sent have been amazing, too. Not surprisingly, friends have been a theme of many of the ‘You’re awesome!’ moments that we’ve seen. Here are just a few:

#MonthOfAwesome #MonthOfAwesome #MonthOfAwesome  #MonthOfAwesome

Life would be seriously less awesome without friends. If you haven’t already, why not tell a friend that they’re awesome? If you already have, tell them again, or tell another friend! Spread the love! They’ll feel really freaking amazing and so will you. Now go forth and be awesome!


2 thoughts on “Friends are Awesome

  1. Hey, Nataly! That’s me surrounded by the Red Hat ladies. One of my sweet 5th grade boys has grown up, and we follow each other on Happier. He posted this on my Facebook page to show me I was in your blog. Thanks! Happier has helped me through a very challenging time. There were some days I felt so low, and after spending time focusing on what makes me happier, even through sadness, I always felt better. What a concept. In my meditation today, I was reminded that we are responsible for the energy we bring to our day. I want to only contribute positive energy, so that is what is returned to me. Have a Happier day! I know I will!


  2. Hey, that’s me and my first Happier friend being featured side-by-side! Coolness. Nataly, BTW–you’re awesome. Your backstory is awesome. Honored to know you.

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