Melissa’s Bad Day Gone Happier

Some days don’t go the way we’d like them to. In fact, some days seem to spiral so out of our control that there’s no reigning them in. Enter Melissa. Her Bad Day Gone Happier story is awesome. So we just had to share it. Enjoy!

Meet Melissa. Recently she was having a bad day because…

“My business can be very stressful at times and one day it had taken me to the moon! Nothing was falling into place, problems out of my control were causing conflicts, I was being pulled in ten different directions trying to take care of clients, and our beautiful city was being ravaged by another devastating wildfire (the second in two summers). The impact of that fire coupled with the business stress had me wanting to go home and go to bed.”

But she managed to have a few happy moments such as…

“I ate peas. Yes, at one point of the day I forced myself to think about one happy moment in the day. I love peas. Fresh peas, steamed with butter. I had somehow managed to sneak in a quick lunch of peas and THAT was my first happy moment of the day. After posting that moment, the day got a pinch better. Then I ate the leftovers for dinner. More peas, one more happy moment. Once I had time to reflect on the craziness of my day and review my “happy moments” I had to laugh. Peas? Really? People must think I’m crazy. But the laughter brought thoughts of other little things in my life that I’m happy about — health, family, love, a good career, faith and friends (just to name a few) — and as I reflected, the bad didn’t seem quite so bad, and tomorrow would be a new day with new solutions, twists and turns. Plus, I had more leftover peas. :)”

There you have it. Your bad day could be a few peas away from getting much, much better. Have a Bad Day Gone Happier story to share? We want to hear it!

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