Lynn’s Bad Day Gone Happier

Bad days. We’ve all had ’em. You wake up late, things don’t go the way you planned, obstacles are placed in your way. None of this is anything new. But the way you approach these challenges can make all the difference.

A few weeks ago we asked you for your ‘Bad Day Gone Happier’ stories, and boy, do you guys have some awesome ones! We’ll be featuring a few of them on our blog, and for our first edition we chose one that we can all relate to. Here goes, Lynn — you’re about to make a lot of people happier. Enjoy!

Meet Lynn. Recently she was having a bad day because…..

“I was traveling to the airport heading back home one morning when I realized my car had probably been towed on the other end. I had asked my roommate to move it over the weekend to avoid street cleaning, but she had a few other crises occupying her, and she forgot.”

But she managed to find a few happy moments such as….

“I got to find out how organized my city is!! All I had to do was go on their website, put in my license plate number, and voila, I found the company that had towed my car! That night, a friend who was visiting from LA and I went on a walking adventure to get it. Think of a neighborhood that houses a tow lot and two women walking down the middle of the street trying to find a car and not get kidnapped. It was so fun! We treated ourselves to an awesome Thai meal after that, complete with patio dining 🙂 How could you ask for a better day than that? Sometimes our lessons are expensive.”

Expensive lesson or not, we think it’s an awesome one. Why not turn your next disaster into an adventure? It’s all about perspective and we love Lynn’s.

Have a Bad Day Gone Happier story to share? Do it! We’d love to see your triumphs over tribulations.

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