So, what makes parents happier?

Wow, you guys, we loved seeing all of your happy moments for our ‘What makes you happier as a parent challenge’. I don’t think you need to be a parent to appreciate them — they are just these wonderful, inspiring, funny, simple, and awesome snippets of life you captured about your kids.

As I was browsing through them, I realized that as parents, there are some common things that makes us happier. We are different, our kids are different, and yet, we all have a lot in common. So, inspired by your happy moments, here are just a few things that make parents happier:

Celebrating kids’ small triumphs


Watching kids invent new ways to do things


Coming up with fun family traditions to make routines happier


Getting unexpected compliments


Seeing kids become awesome humans


Having their own comedy act on call


And without a doubt, at the end of exhausting, busy, hectic days of juggling a bajillion things and trying to keep their sanity, all parents I know love and appreciate one kind of happy moments:

Watching their kids sleep


Thank you for sharing your parent happy moments with us and the Happier community!

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