iOS 7: We’re ready for you

Hey everyone, I’m Brian, the iOS developer around these parts.  That means that I’m the guy working on everything related to our iPhone app (including the fishy animation)!

In case you haven’t heard, Apple recently announced their new operating system: iOS 7. We are super excited to get Happier ready for it! You might be asking yourself: “what’s so different about iOS 7?” One big change is that apps are going to be much more ‘flat’. This means that, for example, buttons won’t have as much depth as they used to. Here’s a preview of what you can expect in the next update:

me-ios6  me-ios7

Take a look at the Me screens above in iOS 6 and iOS 7. As you can see, there are slight changes to how it looks, especially at the top of the screen. Many of our buttons in iOS 7 no longer have depth, which leads to a much cleaner design! Also, the status bar at the top is now orange to match the rest of our app (it is the happiest color after all!).

settings-ios6   iOS Simulator Screen shot Sep 11, 2013 4.45.49 PM

Take a look at the side-by-side comparison of the settings screen above. As you can see, the rows look slightly different, as does the switch on the ‘Account is private’ row. Everything is much cleaner and smoother.

Besides the changes to Happier’s look, I’ve been spending at lot of time reworking the insides of our app to make it really speedy in iOS 7! The next update to the app will be coming soon and I hope you all like the changes!

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