My bad day gone happier story: First day of school

Hi, my name is Nataly and I am now a mom of a fourth grader. (AHHHHH!!!!!! Hold both hands to head, makes crazy eyes of disbelief, and wonders where the time flew!)

Here’s my “bad day gone happier story” about kiddo’s first day of school:

I was having a really bad day because I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before.

We went away for the long weekend, I didn’t do a lot of work for the first time in forever, and when we got back Monday afternoon, there was a bunch of cooking, cleaning, organizing to be done. By the time I opened my laptop it was 9pm and I had a lot of work to catch up on. I went to bed super late and woke up super grumpy and tired. (Sleep really does make you happier. Don’t follow my example.)

Being grumpy and tired on the morning of my kiddo’s first day of school sucked. I dragged my feet, got snappy about her not getting her stuff organized the night before, answered an email in a way I should not have, and I am sure was just a pain to be around.

But I managed to find some happy moments anyway when I decided that whip cream on pancakes was a really great idea to turn the morning happier.


Kiddo was totally surprised. She loved it. And while it didn’t make me less tired, it certainly made me less grumpy 🙂

What’s your “bad day gone happier” story? Share it here and we may publish it on and in our app in the coming weeks!

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